Founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 2001, King55 is a 100% vegan brand.


To act sustainably, with social and environmental responsibility, and to make vegan products that are cruelty-free. Those are our values.

To make products with a VISUAL impact, instead of causing SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL impacts. That’s our mission.

We strive to increase consumer awareness about the importance of sustainability, veganism, fair trade and to prove that caring about these values means being IN STYLE.

Respect for life and for manufacturing sustainably.


We believe in supporting local businesses, to help our communities advance, while also working for the protection of our workers, manufacturers and suppliers.

We do not forgot style, but we believe essence is more important than trends.

We believe in not harming any animal for aesthetics, and we fight for the causes we support. Our role is to develop new products, while also keeping the conversation honest and open between those who make, buy, and wear our products.